You will have to come to our office to pay your final balance and collect your boat tickets and accommodation voucher.

If you would like to pay by credit card, we only accept MASTER CARD or VISA CARD. Please also note that there is a 3.6% credit card charge.  To allow plenty of time to process payment etc., please ensure that you come to our office at least ONE HOUR BEFORE the boat departs.

If you do not arrive at the office in the advised timeframe without informing us of delays, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and you will lose the deposit you have paid.


We also book the boat for you. To ensure that you get a seat on the boat, it is important that you let us know what time you want to take the boat. Please contact us no later than 48 hours prior to your arrival at our office. The boats are often fully booked and we may be unable to reserve the crossing that suits you best. Details of the various options follow below:


– Speed Ferry leaves Sihanoukville at 9am, 11.30am, 12pm, and 3pm.


The boat takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours (depending on sea conditions) and leaves from the pier in Sihanoukville, a 5-minute walk from our office.

If it cannot leave from this pier due to adverse weather conditions, they will pick you up from their offices (reachable by a 1-minute walk from our office) and give you free transport to the main pier.


If you don’t let us know us what time you want to take the boat to the island we can’t guarantee your transfer to the island on your arrival day. Please note that we will not remind you.



With regards to your return journey, you have to confirm your return time YOURSELF on the island. We are unable to do this. It is an open-ended return ticket to Sihanoukville. You can use your ticket from both islands – Koh Rong or Koh Rong Sanloem. Should you decide to extend your stay or take a boat to the other island (Koh Rong or Koh Rong Sanloem) you can choose from where and when you would like to come back. Please confirm your return time 24h before you want to leave the island @ the office of the company you have your ticket with – both offices are located on the pier on both islands.


Speed Ferry:


– leaves Koh Rong at 10am, 12.30/1.30pm, and 4pm to Sihanoukville.

– leaves Koh Rong Sanloem at 10am, 12.30/1.30pm, and 4pm to Sihanoukville.




Boat Costs:

Cost of the ferry roundtrip ticket (2ways) to KOH RONG or KOH RONG SANLOEM – $23 per person


Please note that the price above is the current price for the boat ticket. We have no influence on any price changes with boat tickets. Depending on the season, the boat company may increase the price by up to double. If so, we have to charge the price which the company charges us to sell the tickets. We will inform you immediately about any price changes.


Additional Information:

Your ticket is an open-ended return to Sihanoukville – you can use the return ticket from both islands, Koh Rong & Koh Rong Sanloem.

Let us know if you have children with you. Children under 10 years pay only $13 for a round-trip ticket. Children under 5 years travel for free.


For our Paradise Villas guests (Koh Rong Sanloem): We recommend you use the ferry which arrives next to our resort and saves a 30 to 45-minute walk from the main pier to our resort. Saracen bay is just one long beach so there are no tuk-tuks or motos.



To go between both islands – Koh Rong Sanloem & Koh Rong – you can easily buy a ticket by yourself at the pier on each island. We are unable to arrange this from the mainland.

The cost of hiring your OWN speedboat which takes 30 minutes to the islands is only $650.00 (one way).

For your OWN long tail boat which takes 2 – 3 hours to the island, the cost is $150.00 (one way).



The Sihanoukville Airport 30 minutes away from our office in Sihanoukville by taxi.

The Phnom Penh Airport is about 3.5 – 5 hours (depending on the traffic) by taxi from our office in Sihanoukville.

Please let us know if we should arrange a taxi to pick up for you. If so, we need your arrival time and the flight number. A taxi for your return journey we can also arrange easily.


On both islands there are no ATMS, so please make sure you have enough cash for the island. However, there are 3 Electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) terminals on Koh Rong, one at Green Ocean Guesthouse, one at White Rose Guesthouse, and one at Koh Lanta. Please note that these carry a 10% charge.

Our check-out time is 10am, the check-in time depends on the booking situation but is usually around 2pm. This allows our staff time to service all the bungalows. If you get the early boat you can leave your luggage in the restaurant and have some breakfast. Of course, if the bungalow is vacant the night before, it may be ready should you arrive before 2pm.

As this is an island, there can sometimes be issues with electricity supplies, though we try our best to make sure you have electricity all night in your bungalow. Please be patient and tell reception if there are any problems and we will try our best to sort them out for you. Also, please mention to reception if you have run out of water (especially during the dry season) and our staff will try their best to sort this out for you. The problem can be resolved most of the time, but we ask guests to respect and understand the environment you are in.


We do NOT allow you to keep food in or outside your bungalow as this attracts the monkeys and they will come into your bungalow. Moreover, we do NOT allow you to bring your own food to the island to use in our kitchen. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please contact us well in advance to ensure we can meet your requests.


@ Koh Rong Sanloem – We recommend you use the boat to Koh Rong Sanloem which arrives next to our resort, thus saving you a 30 to 45-minute walk from the main pier to our resort. Saracen bay is just one long beach so there are no tuk tuks or motos.


@ Koh Rong – When you arrive at the pier at Koh Rong with the ocean behind you, you have to go right. After around a 5-minute walk along the beach, you will see our resort.


In addition to different boat trips, you can enjoy snorkeling and diving, or get a massage on the beach – everything can be arranged on the island.



The Resort is NOT responsible for loss, damage, or theft of cash, jewellery, or other valuables left in guest rooms. Safe deposit boxes or the resort safe are available for the safekeeping of these items. The resort’s liability regarding items in the safe deposit box or the house safe is limited to the equivalent of the rate of a one-night stay.

Beaches are public under Cambodian law. Therefore, valuables or personal belongings should NOT be taken to the beach, as their safety cannot be assured, nor does the hotel assume responsibility for these items.


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